Everyone is doing it. Bingeing on TV shows. There’s no shortness of shows in many and varied genres. Do you want family drama? There’s that. How about SciFi? Do you like zombies? How about office comedies? Romantic comedies are usually pretty good. I’ve been known to binge on a show and get through seven seasons in a just few weeks. That is crazy! What did this get me?

So now I’m bingeing on family movies. I’ve transferred all of my family’s films from to my childhood to my kids’ childhoods, including family vacations, anniversaries, birthday parties … and more. But this is not really bingeing. This involves reminiscing, making choices, gaining insight, and even creating new memories. It’s rewarding and rich, and I highly recommend it!

Find out what moves you! Go through your old films and videotapes. Find the thread. Make a few notes. And then, when you’re ready, give us a call and we’ll help you put together a video memoir that tells your story in beautiful technicolor.