It’s not always so simple, knowing what you have to say. Do you ever feel that you have nothing to say? Or you just can’t think of anything?
You’re faced with old photographs and your children are asking you to write your memoir, or even just some thoughts about your life, what you’ve learned after all these years. But all you can think to say is, ‘I can’t believe I’m this old,’ or ‘I don’t remember much before you were born,’ or ‘I was always so busy, I never had the time to reflect.’ We’ve ALL been there. A lot of us are there right now. Do you wake up in the morning without a plan, the whole day stretched out in front of you? Many years ago with a day like that, you’d revel in that wonderful, indulgent slowness of time. But now you experience different feelings. Maybe some dread; maybe you’re feeling the isolation of existing through this challenging period. Whatever it is you’re feeling, it’s best to be kind to yourself. This too shall pass. Take a tiny step. Sit in a chair. Make it your writing chair. Take out one of those early photographs and let the memories come. Have a notebook handy and write one small thing about that picture. Is it your dress? Those high heels you wish you could still wear? Do you marvel at the fact that you could once walk in those things?
Write one impression then close your notebook until tomorrow.