We’ve looked at a lot of home movies since we started this business, including our own. We find it so interesting that when you look at a younger version of yourself it brings up so many questions. When watching one of the home movies from my earlier days, I found myself thinking about what came next in my life and wishing I could interview that younger self. What was I thinking and feeling then? There’s always more than what appears on the screen.

It’s also fascinating to watch how we interacted with each other – friends and family – how we’re similar in certain ways to our parents now that we’re older, now that we’re the age they were at the time of those home movies. It gives me a greater sense of understanding and identification with my parents and I find myself wanting to share that with my now grown children so that they can feel this sense of familial identification and connection as well. We’re so lucky to be living in an age when we can pick up a telephone and take a video. Who knew!

What Second Avenue Video brings to the table is our storytelling capability and our technical expertise, all to help you tell the stories you want to share.