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Create Your Own Video Memoir

People love DIY – Do It Yourself
Here’s how:







Here are the easy steps to follow. Questions?

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First step:

• choose your subject

• conduct your pre-interview

• formulate your theme

• prepare your questions

Let us walk you through these first steps!

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Second step:

• check your equipment (camera, light, external hard drive to store your footage)

• choose your location (the room in your house where you’ll be filming)

• set up your equipment and position your subject

• press record and start your interview! 








Third step:

Send us:

• what you filmed

• archival material (photographs, home movies, videos)

 Our job will be to professionally edit your video memoir.

We’ll send it back to you as a complete package.




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OR let us do ALL of the steps for you

Thank you for a superb job! When I first approached the oral history department at our local college, I never expected that this project, something I have been planning on doing for a long time, would turn into a professional, lasting, and in fact quite touching video. I’m so thankful that I was finally able to relate the stories which have been important to me. Now my children and grandchildren will be able to learn about their heritage and hear stories from my life and career that are meaningful to me and that I have wanted to relate for many years.

Thank you too for always being so prompt in responding to my questions, for your care in handling my photographs and mementos, and for your deep interest in my and my family’s history. I deeply appreciate the additional work you have done to complete the story. Your years of experience in documentary filmmaking, film production, and post-production clearly made a huge difference and helped to create a product of which I am very proud.

Martin K.