One of our clients knew what story he wanted to tell. While he’s had years of experience in professional storytelling, this was his first video and he needed some guidance to help shape and best express the core of what he wanted to say.

It wasn’t enough to tell a story about his grandmother’s life. What was the guiding principle of her life? How did this principle manifest itself in her life? How does that carry through to subsequent generations in the family?

Once we’ve filmed our interviews and have gathered the supporting materials, we sit in our edit suite and weave the story together. Often there are twists and turns and it can be challenging to find the through-line. Once we’ve clarified this, the result is a video that makes complete sense, carrying the viewer from beginning to end, like a book that you can’t put down. They say that road trips make great movies. Our videos are like road trips taking you from point A to point Z with a few detours but always with the destination in mind.