We recently met with a client who knew she wanted to create a family video but was feeling overwhelmed by the task. We see this quite a bit with our clients. They have lots of old film reels, many unlabeled boxes of slides, photo albums that take up tons of room in the attic. With this particular client, as with many others, there were items going back to her early childhood in the 40s. We devised a plan which set out a schedule for her to follow. Her first step was to gather all of the film reels she had stored. We then took those and had them digitally transferred. When we met with her again, we showed her how to watch and log these digital files on her computer. Then we took her VHS and C-tapes and transferred those. We’re now done with that whole process and are on to Phase 2 where our client is fine-tuning the themes she wants to explore in her video memoir. She’s very excited about finding the photos and footage that will help in telling her story. It’s not a quick process but we’ve found that it’s always worth the effort!