Over a generation ago, people realized that their home movies (8mm, Super 8) were deteriorating. Audio-visual companies were beginning to acquire the equipment needed to transfer old films to videotape. Now, forty-odd years later, those transferred VHS tapes are themselves becoming obsolete, often just taking up shelf space in the attic. How many people still have the equipment to even play those tapes? How many have watched those hundreds of hours of material?

Telling one’s story, talking about one’s life involves making choices. Not all of the taped material will serve your story. You’ll make decisions. You may choose to focus on the lessons you learned from your parents; what it was like to grow up in a different country; how it felt to be an immigrant; the hardships you witnessed; the joys of early friendships; your military days and what you learned from them. We will guide you through these steps and choices in our pre-interview. We can do this on Zoom or in-person (safety and health permitting).

What places Second Avenue Video apart from all the rest is our focus on our customers’ lives and the important and meaningful aspects that they want to tell with video and supplement with still photographs and film.

To quote fiction writer and memoirist Tobias Wolff, writing in Literary Hub,

“I wanted to leave some record of those years for my young children, who, knowing so little of my past, might well have grown up assuming that the privileged life we enjoyed was somehow natural and even inevitable. It was not.”

What story do you want to tell? Let us help you tell it.

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