Do you remember when companies started sprouting all over offering to transfer old film reels to video? I often wonder what became of those transferred videotapes. Have they replaced the 8mm and Super 8mm film rolls, taking up the same attic spaces or perhaps bookshelves of their predecessors? How many people still have the equipment to play those transferred tapes? And did they really watch all of those hundreds of hours of material?

What places Second Avenue Video apart from all the rest is our focus on our customers’ lives and the important and meaningful aspects that they want to tell with video and supplement with still photographs.

To quote fiction writer and memoirist Tobias Wolff, writing in Literary Hub,

“I wanted to leave some record of those years for my young children, who, knowing so little of my past, might well have grown up assuming that the privileged life we enjoyed was somehow natural and even inevitable. It was not.”

What story do you want to tell?

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